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Doll Snaps

ーFrom photographers in the world to youー
For this book, I had people send snippets of the lives of dolls living across seas or high mountains, who I can't meet in person. Doll-loving photographers around the world have lovingly taken pictures of their companions, chatting them as they did. There are over 300 dolls - it's like a dream!
Edited and produced by
Graphic-sha Publishing, Editorial Department

¥2,500(plus tax)
352 pages (full color)
ISBN 978-4-7661-2163 c0072


The dolls

_____________________________________ Akane _____________________________________
(Dolly Style Factory doll)

_____________________________________ Anaïs _____________________________________
(Get Ready Summer Momoko)

_____________________________________ Moka _____________________________________
(Beach Rodeo Momoko reroot)

_____________________________________ Emily _____________________________________
(Antique Dreaming Momoko reroot)

____________________________________ Rachel _____________________________________
(Casual Affair Misaki)





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